Saturday, April 21, 2007

What do I believe?

To make it short and sweet, my beliefs are that inflationary monetary policies around the world strip the middle-class and poor of their wealth. It allows corporations to grow into super-corporations (by the way, I do not blame corporations for this but government).

Government crushes entrepreneurial initiatives with ridiculous regulations and because of their tremendous size, the corporations can crush any small competition. To sum it up, the government is creating monopolies that are destroying the middle-classes of the world and polarizing people into the rich and the poor.

Why the Raging Austrian?

The Raging Austrian was an easy name to choose. As a young devout austrian economist swimming alone in a sea of Keynesians on a university campus, it is hard to be recognized as legitimate. To them, I must sound like a raging lunatic, hence the name of the Raging Austrian.

The blog will be focused on three main topics: economics, finance and politics. Please enjoy as I rage on about my laissez-faire, government is evil rants.